Hypnotherapy...CHANGE is a simple step of the mind away.


How many times have we all heard that?  It sounds so easy but we all know that its not.

How challenging is it to relax or find time to relax in our life today?   Does this question resound with you? If everything you have tried so far is not giving you the results you want, then try hypnosis.  A safe, gentle and effective method to assist in relaxation.

Within a session you can experience deep relaxation, maybe more relaxed than you have experienced before.  I will also teach you self-hypnosis which is very successful for relaxation.

Relaxation refers to focusing on the mind and a relaxing of the body’s muscles. Research has shown that being too tense and/or living with too much stress has a significant negative impact on our lives.  As we all know this can lead to physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, ulcers, fatigue, headaches and many psychological issues, including inappropraite or misdirected emotions, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and burn-out.


There are different forms of relaxation, including breathing exercises, deep muscle relaxation, imagery, meditation, and yoga.  Although each of these has different components, the main goal in each is to relax the body’s muscles and focus the mind.  Since the body and mind cannot be separated, most agree that both of these components must be present for any relaxation technique to work.


Did you know that

Using hypnosis and other relaxation techniques can help you have better health? The physical and chemical processes that take place in your body when you perform a relaxation exercise actually reverse the chemical processes that are created by stress, and reducing stress is good for your health.

So relaxing and using hypnosis to do so, promotes good health. Learning a relaxation technique is probably one of the best preventative health care measure you can take.

Hypnosis is not magical; it cannot cause you to do anything against your judgment or ethical beliefs; it cannot make you ‘cluck like a chicken.’  What it can do, is help you to focus on specific areas of your life with more clarity and teach you how to do this in a positive manner.


You can use the five deep breaths during the day as a signal to relieve mental and physical tension. This is because your mind will associate five deep breaths and the words ” release and relax”

To use this technique:

Stop what you are doing, sit up straight or lie down and exhale.

Consciously relax as much as possible in the mind and body.

Breathe in slowly and deeply, relax the belly muscles, feeling as though its filling with air, then filling the rib cage and chest., while saying or thinking  “release and relax”

Hold the breathe for a moment, then  exhale as slowly as possible, relaxing the chest and rib cage. Begin to pull your belly in to force out the remaining air.

Close your eyes, concentrate and repeat 4 more times

Relax your face and mind, “release and relax”

The effectiveness of this depends very much on your concentrating on using it effectively, and not repeating the words quickly or superficially.  The more you use the five deep breaths, the more benefit they will be to you.  Remember, therefore, to use them as often as possible.